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Bait Retrieval Fishing Net


Handy, specialist designed small fishing net to easily retrieve your live baits from your live bait well or tank prior to rigging for game

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Bench Crimper or Die Set Fishing Tool


The ultimate in heavy duty bench crimping fishing tools. Designed for use with individual dies to cover the widest range of crimping sleeves from

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Berley Cages


Sturdy berley cages from Australian fishing products manufacturer Hook’em. Made from stainless steel with a top locking latch & a 1kg zinc weight at

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Deluxe Hand Crimping Tool


A quality made and portable fishing leader and wire trace hand crimping tool. Features heavy duty wire cutters for clean cutting single or multi

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Digital Crane Game Fishing Scales


Precision digital fishing scales for weighing fish. Choose from 60kg or 300kg models to suit most game and sport fishing needs. From Aussie game

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Fish Landing Nets


Large, strong fish landing nets with extendable handles & collapsible frames for ease of transportation & storage. From well known Aussie fishing tackle supplier

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Fish Scaler Bag Kit


Tow Hook’em Fishing’s Fish Scaler Bag behind your boat to scale your fish in minutes without mess inside your boat. Includes wire rings, rear

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Game Fishing Reel Line DRAG CHECKERS


High quality specialist precision fishing reel drag scale, giving you a precise drag reading at any time, even whilst fishing. Two models to suit

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HEAVY DUTY Hand Crimping Fishing Tool


Heavy duty, quality made, fishing leader and wire trace crimping tool to suit the larger crimp sizes (1.3mm to 4.5mm). Unlike the bench crimping

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Spring Fishing Scales 50lbs- 22kg


Budget scales with sliding marker, suitable for drag testing or weighing fish.

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Spring Game Fishing Scales


High quality precision (accurate) spring fishing scales with sliding load test stopper from the USA’s quality tool manufacturer Manley Industries. Suitable for fishing reel

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