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BLACK NYLON COATED 49 Strand Fishing WIRE Leader


Great value, black nylon coated flexible 49 strand fishing wire leader. Available in a 10m coil in 100lb to 650lb test, from Aussie fishing

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Clear Fluorocarbon Leader 20m


20m of 100% clear fluorocarbon fishing leader from Japanese line maker Momoi in 3 sizes suitable for heavy tackle fishing

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COPPER Bait Rigging Fishing WIRE Pkt 50


Copper bait rigging fishing wire, super soft, pliable and strong for all your game, sport & offshore bait fishing needs. Commonly used in place

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Hi-Catch Mono Fishing Line Fluro YELLOW


Premium, IGFA rated nylon mono game fishing line in fluro yellow colour for maximum fishing crew visibility. Highly polished with a tough outer skin

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Hollow Core Braid


Premium, hollow core spectra braid fishing line. suitable for a range of fishing applications; Available in short 5yd lengths for making wind on fishing

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MONO Fishing Leader BULK Spool 2kg


Premium grade nylon monofilament fishing leader in BULK spools. Made in USA by the manufacturer of Platypus Fishing Lines. This is the arguably the

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Mono Fishing Line Hi-vis PINK


Premium mono game fishing line in high visibility PINK. Made in Germany by leading fishing line manufacturer MAXIMA with an advanced line extrusion technology

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Monofilament fishing Leader CLEAR 50m


All purpose premium grade leader with low memory from leading Japanese line maker Momoi.

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Uncoated Stainless Steel 49-Strand Fishing Wire


Flexible, premium marine grade forty nine strand uncoated fishing wire. High tensile strength to diameter ratio, suitable for wire trace leaders and/or making game

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Wire Tuf-Leader 5yds-4.57m


USA manufactured Tuf-Leader incorporates T-304 extruded stainless steel around a Spectra fibre core to ensure the highest possible knot strength and durability, a unique

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