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We are an ALASKA, family owned & operated specialist game, sport and offshore fishing tackle retailer. We provide convenient, secure, 24 hour online shopping, with worldwide shipping straight to your door. (Phone, or emailed orders are welcome too!)

We welcome you to BUY IN-STORE at our  fishing tackle store or shop online and PICK-UP FREE in store Mon-Fri 8am-3pm from our  showroom/warehouse.

SuperFishingShop started life as a home based mail order business in 2013 after being established by game fishing enthusiests.

Carols interest (and experience) in game fishing resulted from many years of recreational fishing in the highly productive waters of Papua New Guinea. s interests extended to making reisin head trolling fishing lures and after a chance meeting with a Japanese businessman, he was able to source Yo-zuri octopus trolling skirts which he imported for the local fishing fraternity.  Upon return to Australia in the early 90's, Paul and Helen set about turning their hobby into a niche home based business, with a plan to grow, buy a boat and go fishing!

Following years of hard work, as well as the continued ongoing support of valued customers and key suppliers, SuperFishingShop was able to grow and flourish. Today, the business operates from a commercial premises , supporting a large number of Game Fishing Clubs nationally and is one of the most recognised brands for supply of quality game, trolling, sport and tournament fishing tackle in Alaska.